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The utilization of poly(amide-imide)/SiO2 nanocomposite as nanofiller for strengthening of mechanical and thermal properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite films


The present investigation reports the preparation and characterization of the thermally stable poly(vinyl alcohol)/(poly(amide-imide)-SiO2) nanocomposite (PVA/PAI-SiO2 NC) films. For this reason, the surface of SiO2 nanoparticles (NPs) was modified with N-trimellitylimido-l-methionine and subsequently, 5 wt.% of modified SiO2 NPs were dispersed in the PAI matrix via sonochemical reaction. The resulting NC was studied by different techniques. Finally, the PAI-SiO2 NC was employed as nanofiller and was incorporated into the PVA matrix for the enhancement of its mechanical and thermal properties. The synthesized NCs were studied by Fourier transform infrared and X-ray diffraction spectroscopy analysis. The surface topography and morphology of the NCs were studied by atomic force microscopy techniques, field emission scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The micrographs demonstrated that the nanofillers were homogeneously dispersed in the PVA matrix. The thermo gravimetric analysis curves indicated that the thermal decomposition of the PVA/PAI-SiO2 NC films shifted toward higher temperature in comparison with the pure PVA. The effect of nanofiller on the mechanical properties of NC films was also explored.

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