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Using Green Process for the Synthesis of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)/α-Al2O3-Thiamine Nanocomposite: Thermal, Mechanical, Contact Angle, and Morphological Studies


Hydrophilic surface of α-Al2O3 nanoparticles was treated with thiamine as a green modifier for better compatibility with poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix. In this regard, poly(vinyl alcohol)/α-Al2O3-vitamin B1 nanocomposites with different ratios of modified α-Al2O3 (3, 5, and 7 wt%) were prepared through ultrasonic irradiation and their properties were compared with the pure poly(vinyl alcohol). Many techniques were used to study the properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)/α-Al2O3-vitamin B1 nanocomposites. Morphology images of poly(vinyl alcohol)/α-Al2O3-vitamin B1 nanocomposites showed the good dispersion of the α-Al2O3 nanoparticles in poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix in nanometer-scale. The results demonstrated that poly(vinyl alcohol)/α-Al2O3-vitamin B1 nanocomposites give better thermal stability, strain, and E-modulus than the pure poly(vinyl alcohol.

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