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Use of ionic liquid and microwave irradiation as a convenient, rapid and eco-friendly method for synthesis of novel optically active and highly organosoluble aromatic polyamides containing N-phthaloyl-L-alanine pendent group

An efficient, fast and easy method for synthesis of new optically active and thermally stable aromatic polyamides (PAs) containing pendent phthalimide group and l-alanine flexible side spacer using room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) by microwave irradiation has been investigated. The results found that RTIL efficiently absorb microwave energy, thus leading to a very high heating rate. All the PAs showed excellent solubility and readily dissolved in various organic solvents. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) exhibited that polymers were stable, with 10% weight loss recorded above 373 and 418 °C in the nitrogen atmosphere. In order to see the efficiency of microwave irradiation, this method was compared with polycondensation of the same monomers in RTILs using conventional heating.