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Structure and Thermal Degradation Properties of Nanocomposites of Alanine Amino Acid-Based Poly(amide-imide) Reinforced with Carboxymethyl-β-cyclodextrin Intercalated in a Layered Double Hydroxide

MgAl layered double hydroxide (LDH) was intercalated with carboxy-methyl β-cyclodextrin (CMCD) under ultrasonic conditions. Then, different percentages of CMCD functionalized LDH (CMCD-LDH) was incorporated into the alanine amino acid-based poly(amide-imide) (PAI) matrix via ultrasonic irradiations to obtain PAI/CMCD-LDH nanocomposites (NCs). The surface morphology and thermal degradation behavior of the PAI/CMCD-LDH NCs have been examined by different techniques. The relatively good dispersion of CMCD-LDH into the PAI matrix was detected by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). TEM images represented that the LDH platelets were oriented separately and they were not detected by XRD, that means, the LDH layers are exfoliated in polymer.


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