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Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) are a group of hydrotalcite-like nano-sized materials with cationic layers and exchangeable interlayer anions. The wide range of divalent and trivalent cationic metals and anionic compounds are employed in the synthesis of LDH materials, which have improved their importance among the researchers. Because of their high anion exchange property, memory effect, tunable behavior, bio-friendly, simple preparation, and their affordability, these nano-materials are essentially interested today. Modification of LDHs improves their behaviours to make them appropriate in industrial fields, including biological, adsorbent, mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical fields, etc. This review has critically discussed the structural features, main properties, and also clarified the most important methods of modification and intercalation of LDH nano-materials. Moreover, some novel reported researches related to the successful modification of LDH materials have been characterized and briefly the advantages, disadvantages, and applications are presented in the industrial fields.

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