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Green chemistry or in other words “green world” is referred to a sustainable environment using biocompatible, biodegradable, renewable, economical, and simple materials, and methods. Without any exaggeration, the exceptional chemical and physical properties of ZnO bionanocomposites beside various utilizations, make it vital materials in research and green chemistry field. Biocompatible ZnO nanoparticles with fascinating antimicrobial, physicochemical, as well as photocatalytic performance could be applied as a prominent candidate to reinforce diverse biopolymer matrixes, for instance, chitosan, starch, cellulose, gelatin, alginate, poly(hydroxyalkanoates), carrageenan, and so on. With a combination of advantageous properties of these materials, they could be illustrated specific utilizations in different areas. In this regard, the following context focuses on highlighting the recent achievements of this category of material on three important and widely used scopes: eco-friendly food packaging, biomedical specially wound dressings, and water remediation technologies.

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