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Preparation of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Nanocomposite Films Reinforced with Poly(Amide-Imide)/CuO Having N-trimellitylimido-L-valine Linkages for the Improvement of Mechanical and Thermal Properties


In this investigation, nanocomposite (NC) films were fabricated by dispersion of poly (amide-imide)/CuO NC as nano-filler in the poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) matrix via an ultrasonic process. The nano-filler was prepared and mixed with PVA matrix. After dispersion of nano-filler into the PVA, the mechanical properties of the NCs were improved. For example, the addition of 6 wt% nano-filler into the PVA matrix enhanced the tensile modulus by 39%. The residual weight at 800 °C was 7% for pure PVA while the NCs illustrated 12–19% residue at this temperature.