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Preparation and characterization of starch nanocomposite embedded with functionalized MWCNT: Investigation of optical, morphological, thermal, and copper ions adsorption properties


The purpose of this research was to fabricate starch nanocomposites (NC)s using corn starch and MWCNTs‐Valine as efficient fillers, and to examine the impact of nanofillers on the starch's properties. At first, Valine was grafted onto the MWCNTs' surfaces through a chemical reaction. Then, the functionalized MWCNTs (0.5, 1, and 2 wt.%) were embedded in the starch by ultrasonic technique. The field emission scanning electron microscopy showed homogeneous distribution of nanofillers in the starch matrix. Moreover, thermogravimetric analysis demonstrated that the starch's thermal stability was improved after addition of MWCNTs. Finally, the adsorption behavior of the prepared NC for the elimination of copper ions from the aqueous solution was investigated.

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