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l -Phenylalanine edge functionalized graphite nanoplatelets as a nanoscale filler for poly(ester–amide–imide) matrix


The recent growth in studying graphene has proved the utilization of graphene as reinforcement filler in the synthesis of polymer nanocomposite. The potential application of graphene could be improved by covalent functionalization of graphene without any defects on the graphene basal plane through edge-selective functionalization process. To this aim, in this study graphite nanosheets were selectively functionalized at their edges with l-phenylalanine in a mild reaction medium. The prepared edge functionalized graphite (EFG) was used as nanoscale filler into optically active poly(ester–amide–imide) (PEAI). The structure and properties of EFG and PEAI/EFG nanocomposites were investigated and the effects of EFG on thermal and morphological properties of PEAI were examined.


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