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The Effect of Carbon Black Nanoparticles on Some Properties of Air Plasma Printed Cotton/Polyamide 6 Fabrics


In this study, cotton/nylon blended fabrics were treated with atmospheric air plasma at various times (30–60 s) and were subsequently printed with pastes containing carbon black nanoparticles. Properties of plasma treated fabrics such as visible-near infrared (Vis-NIR) reflectance, water contact angle, air permeability, and color fastness were measured. It was shown that increasing plasma treatment time decreases reflection level of treated fabrics in Vis-NIR region. Plasma treatment also enhanced the hydrophobicity of cotton/nylon fabrics observed by an increase in water contact angle. Plasma treated samples for 60 s demonstrated lower air permeability than those treated for 30 s. Furthermore, printed samples possessed acceptable levels of fastness against washing, light and crocking.