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Condensation polymer/layered double hydroxide NCs: Preparation, characterization, and utilizations


Recently nanocomposites (NCs) based on layered double hydroxide (LDH) and condensation polymers have attracted a huge deal of attention; because these compounds offer a great and important potential to provide grander behaviors in contrast to uncombined materials. These materials demonstrate good properties such as great heat deflection temperature, great dimensional stability, cheap gas absorbency, enhance in thermal, flame retardancy, and mechanical properties. Such enhancements happen due to interfacial effects resulting from uniform and homogenous dispersion of great aspect ratio LDH nanofillers in condensation polymeric matrixes, and of their tunable behaviors of LDHs. This review provides a summary of condensation polymers with LDH incorporated NCs and characterization of these NCs by morphological, mechanical, thermal and barrier properties, flame retardancy, and reduced gas permeability in contrast to the neat polymeric matrix. So, at first, a summary of the basic structure and how to modification of LDH nanofillers will be presented, then, the potential applications of LDH nanofillers incorporation in condensation polymers matrix and the effects of them on the properties of NCs will be briefly discussed.

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