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Journal Papers
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Polymer/organosilica nanocomposites based on polyimide with benzimidazole linkages and reactive organoclay containing isoleucine amino acid: Synthesis, characterization and morphology properties. March 2012
Synthesis and properties of biodegradable poly(vinyl alcohol)/organo-nanoclay nanocomposites November 2012
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Silver/L-Phenylalanine-Based Optically Active Polyacrylate Nanocomposite. May 2012
A facile route for the preparation of novel optically active poly(amide-imide)/functionalized zinc oxide nanocomposites containing pyromellitoyl-bis-L-phenylalanine moieties. July 2012
Effect of carbon black nanoparticles on reflective behavior of printed cotton/nylon fabrics in visible/near infrared regions. May 2012
Dispersion of Surface Modified Nanostructure Zinc Oxide in Optically Active Poly(Amide-Imide) Containing Pyromellitoyl-bis-L-isoleucine Segments: Nanocomposite Preparation and Morphological Investigation. March 2012
Transparent and thermally stable improved poly(vinyl alcohol)/cloisite Na+/ZnO hybrid nanocomposite films: Fabrication, morphology and surface properties. March 2012
Effect of silane-modified ZnO on morphology and properties of bionanocomposites based on poly(esteramide)containing tyrosine linkage. December 2012
Dispersion of chiral amino acid organomodified Cloisite Na+ in poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix for designing of novel bionanocomposite films. March 2012
Morphology properties of nanostructure poly(Amide-Imide)s based on N-Trimellitylimido-S-amino acids and 5-(2- benzimidazole)-1,3-phenylenediamine under green conditions. May 2012
Synthesis and properties of new highly soluble poly(amide-ester-imide)s containing poly(ethylene glycol) as a soft segment. June 2012
Construction, Characterization and Biological Activity of Chiral and Thermally Stable Nanostructured Poly(Ester-Imide)s as Tyrosine-Containing Pseudo-Poly(Amino Acid). December 2012
Preparation and morphology distinguishing of novel ZnO ultrafine particle filled nanocomposites contain new poly(amide-imide) via ultrasonic process. December 2012
Synthesis and structural characterization of novel chiral nanostructured poly(esterimide)s containing different natural amino acids and 4,4′-thiobis(2-tert-butyl-5-methylphenol) linkages. May 2012
Simple and efficient microwave-assisted polycondensation for preparation of chiral poly(amideimide)s having pendant phenol moiety. March 2012
Exploration on structural morphology and properties of novel poly (urethane-imide)/TiO2 bionanocomposites derived from L-tyrosine based diol. January 2012
Bio-modification of Cloisite Na+ With L-Methionine Amino Acid and Preparation of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Bionanoclay Bionanocomposite Films. February 2012
Simultaneous Determination of Ascorbic Acid, Acetaminophen, and Tryptophan by Square Wave Voltammetry Using N-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenethyl)-3,5-Dinitrobenzamide-Modified Carbon Nanotubes Paste Electrode. May 2012
New Organosoluble, Thermally Stable, and Nanostructured Poly(Amide-Imide)s with Dopamine Pendant Groups: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization. October 2012
Chiral poly(amide-imide)/organoclay nanocomposites derived from pyromellitoyl-bis-L-isoleucine and benzimidazole containing diamine: Synthesis, nanostructure, and properties. January 2012


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