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Use of vitamin B1 for the surface treatment of silica (SiO2) and synthesis of poly (vinyl chloride)/SiO2 nanocomposites with advanced properties


In this study, silica (SiO2) nanoparticles (NP)s were used as fillers for the preparation of nanocomposite (NC) films. SiO2 NPs have a strong tendency to agglomerate. Therefore, the surface modification of SiO2 NPs was performed by vitamin B1 (VB1) as a biodegradable modifier. To obtain better dispersion into the polymer matrix, the process was accomplished under ultrasonic as a green route. After that, modified SiO2 NPs with different contents, incorporated into poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) matrix and PVC/SiO2-VB1 NCs were prepared. TGA results indicated that the incorporation of SiO2-VB1 into the polymer matrix enhanced the thermal stability of pure PVC. Microscopic observations showed that SiO2-VB1 was homogeneously dispersed into the PVC matrix. According to UV–Vis spectra, the absorption of pure PVC increased in the presence of SiO2 NPs. The mechanical tensile test showed more flexibility for NC films in comparison to the pure PVC. Also, water contact angle analysis showed that the hydrophilicity of PVC increased in the presence of SiO2-VB1 NPs.