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Synthesis of alginate/carbon nanotube/carbon dot/fluoroapatite/TiO2 beads for dye photocatalytic degradation under ultraviolet light


Fewer toxic and cost-effective catalysts such as organic-inorganic polymer composites are highly necessary for the water purification. This work describes the sono-assisted fabrication of photocatalyst including multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon dots (Cdots), magnesium fluorohydroxyapatite (FA), and TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs) (CNT/Cdot/FA/TiO2) for methylene blue (MB) degradation in the water solution. This hybrid was employed for the reinforcement of crosslinked alginate (CAlg) and fabrication of CAlg/CNT/Cdot/FA/TiO2 composite. The photocatalytic behavior of this composite was examined for the MB degradation. To examine TiO2 NPs effect on the as- products, the mentioned samples were prepared without TiO2, as well. Photodegradation yields of the samples followed in the order of CNT/CD/FA/TiO2 > TiO2 NPs > CAlg/CNT/Cdot/FA/TiO2 composite > pure FA. The outcomes indicated that the TiO2 hybridization not only could postpone the recombination of photo-created electron-hole pairs but also prevented aggregation of TiO2 NPs, which led to enhancement in the photodegradation yield of MB.

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