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Recycled PET/MWCNT-ZnO quantum dot nanocomposites: Adsorption of Cd (II) ion, morphology, thermal and electrical conductivity properties,


This paper investigates the possibility of utilizing recycled PET bottle waste as matrix of novel composites. The effect of various MWCNT-ZnO quantum dot (QD) loadings (1, 2 and 4 by weight) on the morphology, thermal, electrical conductivity properties and water treatment of PET was studied. Results showed that the incorporation of MWCNT-ZnO QDs into the PET matrix causes that the pure polymer undergoes transition from electrically insulated to conductive at room temperature. Enhancement in thermal stability was obtained by the 4 wt% MWCNT-ZnO loading. Our results also show that rPET/MWCNT-ZnO QD composites can be used as absorbents for easy, convenient, and efficient removal of Cd(II) ions from aqueous solution. Actually, plastic waste was used and changed it to a valuable composite with potential of heavy metal adsorption as well as high electrical conductivity.

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