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Recent development in the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites based on nano-alumina


Alumina nanoparticles (Al2O3 NPs) are among the most important metal oxides with promising applications and the exceptional physiochemical properties in the analytical chemistry. To utilize of the Al2O3 NPs as effective nano-filler in the polymer nanocomposites (NCs), suitable dispersion and proper interfacial interaction between reinforcer and the polymer matrix have to be guaranteed. For this purpose, the hydrophilic surface of Al2O3 NPs was grafted with the organic coupling agents. In last decades, the polymer/Al2O3 NCs have been the exponentially growing field of many researches for developing the materials and have been mainly focusing on the structure–property relationships and their development. This review presents a narrative summary on the principle and methodologies for dispersion of and modification of Al2O3 NP, along with the effects of them on the properties of polymer/Al2O3 NC.


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