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The influence of acid-treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the surface morphology and thermal properties of alanine-based poly(amide–imide)/MWCNT nanocomposites system


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) corresponding to the high electrical and thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties are ideal fillers for polymer composites. In this work, 5, 10, and 15 wt % of functionalized multi-walled CNTs (f-MWCNT) were incorporated into the alanine-based poly(amide–imide) matrix using a solution mixing technique for the preparation of nanocomposites. Here, we show the effect of the addition of well-dispersed f-MWCNT as demonstrated by transmission electron microscopy and field emission scanning electron microscopy on the thermal behavior of the composites. Thermal analysis results showed self-extinguishing feature for the obtained NCs.


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