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Improvement of PVC/α-MnO2–LVA nanocomposites properties: A promising adsorbent for Pb (II) uptake


Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) has some defects which have limited its utilization. Incorporation of nanoparticles within the PVC matrix is a suitable solution. Therefore, the alpha manganese dioxide (α-MnO2) nanorods (NRs) were modified with l-valine amino acid (LVA) and incorporated into the PVC matrix. Thermal stability and mechanical properties of PVC/α-MnO2–LVA nanocomposites (NCs) were improved. In following, the PVC/α-MnO2–LVA NC 5 wt% was used as a sorbent for the elimination of Pb(ІІ) ions from the aqueous medium. This work not only attempts to cover the weaknesses of the PVC properties with proper filler but also introduces a new adsorbent in water treatment applications.

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