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Green Synthesis of Amino Acid Functionalized Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes/Poly(amide–imide) Based on N-Trimellitylimido-S-valine Nanocomposites by Sonochemical Technique


Herein, a functional S-valine amino-acid (valine) based poly(amide–imide) (PAI) was prepared in a green situation. Carbon nanotubes (NTs) were functionalized with valine to fabricate NT/PAI nanostructures composite (PNCs) by incorporating NTs into the PAI matrix. Homogeneous dispersion of NTs was achieved by the modified NTs and ultrasonication method. The influences of the functionalized NTs on the morphology, structure, and thermal of PNCs were characterized extensively by several techniques. The findings showed that the modified NTs caused a fine interaction with PAI chains and improvement dispersion of NTs in the matrix along with much enhanced thermal stability.