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Citric Acid and Vitamin C as Coupling Agents for the Surface Coating of ZrO2 Nanoparticles and Their Behavior on the Optical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposite Films


A series of bio-nanocomposites (BNC)s were fabricated through solution casting method. At first, the surfaces of ZrO2 NPs were functionalized with citric acid and Vitamin C as green modifier agents. Then, PVA as polymer matrix was embedded with different contents (4, 8 and 12 wt%) of modified ZrO2 (m-ZrO2) NPs with the aim of ultrasonic irradiation process. The resulting BNCs were studied by various techniques. Thermal stability of obtained BNCs was enhanced after NPs’ addition to the PVA matrix. Optical activity of these new BNCs makes them potential candidate for UV shielding material. Lastly, the tensile strengths of the BNCs were increased in comparison to the pure PVA.